Run The Sun

This is a run and jump game where you have to move buildings to keep the sun from sinking into the horizon.

■ Rules

All you have to do is touch or not touch the screen.

It is the same no matter where you touch the screen, except for the buttons.

The sun sets quickly while you are touching the screen.

When you push the sun against the building, the building pushes back, so use that force to raise the sun high.

Collecting 10 small stars will give birth to the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, depending on the day of the week.

It’s okay for the sun to set on the horizon while there are planets. But every time the sun sets on the horizon, one planet disappears.

You can easily clear it by collecting stars early and collecting a lot of planets.

On Sunday, the final stage, the eclipse will hit you and get in the way.

A signal to try to hit the body when the solar eclipse is dyed red. Avoid it well and aim for the goal.

The buildings that appear are beautiful ruins around the world such as the pyramids and the Colosseum. Enjoy a world trip in the midnight sun with the sun.

If the sun doesn’t set for a week, the game is clear!