Sweet Bricks Breaker

The bullets are sugar, the blocks are fruit! Sweet to look at! The difficulty level is sweet too!

You can clear it quickly and relieve stress!

You can shoot bullets from four different locations to destroy blocks at a distance at the same time.

You can also shoot bullets that split into gaps between blocks, causing them to split one after another and destroy the blocks at once.

You can enjoy a variety of thrills!

There are 100 different stages to choose from. There are 100 different stages to choose from, so there’s plenty of challenge. And it’s free!


 Shoot the sugar bullets to destroy all the fruit blocks to clear the stage.

■Use the three buttons on the bottom left to select the type of bullet you want to shoot.

 Sugar Plum: Reflects when it hits something.

 Sugar cubes: penetrate the blocks.

 Pearl Sugar: Splits into two when it hits something.

■Use the three buttons at the bottom right to select how you want to shoot the bullets.

 Continuous firing from four locations: This is a general firing method.

 Simultaneous firing from four locations: Suitable for aiming at multiple locations simultaneously.

 Firing from one place: Suitable for aiming at one place intensively.

■The button in the lower middle can be used to increase the speed by 4 times.





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